I just recorded a Christmas Country version of ‘O Holy Night’

Hey Guys, O Holy Night is my favorite Christmas song and something I have dreamed of recording for some time in a Country Christmas Style!  It was a great pleasure recording this with John Roy Potter and Rik Staines who have helped me put this together.  Hope you enjoy the video at the end of [...]

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A short video of my story of how I came to faith

Here is a very short version of my testimony recorded in Blackpool, 2013. This is why I changed my singing name to Faith Morley then Amy Faith Morley... because when I began to follow after Jesus and he started to change my life, He led me on a journey of Faith, He showed me that [...]

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New Faith Morley Site

With Faith Morley's new album coming out soon we thought it would be a great time to give the website a fresh coat of paint. Let us know what you think of the new Faith Morley website. Marketing the Change - Music Web Design Info@marketingthechange.com

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Everywhere (Psalm 139)

You have searched my heart and you know me, When I rise, when I fall If I go to the valley, you are there, Or rise on the wings of the dawn, you are there You’re everywhere, I close my eyes I can see you there, You’re my all; you’re my all, It’s you that [...]

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Under The Apple Tree

Under the apple tree I woke you, from the earth where you were born, close your heart to every love but mine, my darling, come away with me, love is, sweeter than wine, love is, as patient as time, love is, as powerful as death, it bursts into flames many waters cannot quench this love [...]

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Innovation Photography – 14/04/13

Last time we were recording at Mad Hat studios, a dear friend of ours, Diyan Kantardgiev from Innovation Photography came and took some shots in and around the studio grounds for our gallery here on the website.  Diyan was our wedding photographer and did a fantastic job. He encourages people to be relaxed, natural and [...]

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