Official Biography and Press Release

Amy Faith Morley is an unsigned British singer-songwriter of contemporary country folk style music. Her exciting debut album ‘Morning Star’ was released in 2014, followed by a tour 'The Journey' where she travelled with her husband from place to place with just a guitar, a suitcase of message-in-a-bottle style encouraging postacards! Even as a sixteen [...]

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The Journey Tour 2015

Well, I am so glad I found the courage to just try this out and do a mini tour of my faith story and music. Thanks to a lot of encouragement from Josh and friends in USA.  If you are reading this, thank you! Some of the places we went included Birmingham, Liverpool and Stourport, [...]

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Innovation Photography – 14/04/13

Last time we were recording at Mad Hat studios, a dear friend of ours, Diyan Kantardgiev from Innovation Photography came and took some shots in and around the studio grounds for our gallery here on the website.  Diyan was our wedding photographer and did a fantastic job. He encourages people to be relaxed, natural and [...]

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