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The story behind Field of Dreams

During my time in college studying a Music BTEC, I heard one of my teachers Paul Harper playing some of his songs in the live recording room.  I felt inspired by his song 'Field of dreams' and didn't realize at the time how meaningful it would be to my own journey several years later. I look [...]

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Why I wrote the song Morning Star

Sorrow may last for a night.  But Joy comes with the morning (Psalm 30:5) Previously to my encounter with Jesus in a cinema, my late teens had been quite turbulent.  Out of negative life experiences and brokenness, weekends had become a cycle of clubbing and getting drunk, being self-absorbed with friends, staying out at the [...]

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Official Biography and Press Release

Amy Faith Morley is an unsigned British singer-songwriter of contemporary country folk style music. Her exciting debut album ‘Morning Star’ was released in 2014, followed by a tour 'The Journey' where she travelled with her husband from place to place with just a guitar, a suitcase of message-in-a-bottle style encouraging postacards! Even as a sixteen [...]

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Field of Dreams…

After writing, recording and releasing my debut album 'Morning Star' I kind of left it laying in the dust for several months! I felt it was the timing of God that we were going to YWAM for 6 months.  It was quite a move as we left the rented house we were in and got [...]

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Bunches of blessings for 2017!

Bunches of blessings for 2017! Wishing all my friends and family and those following my journey and music a Happy New Year! This past year my focus hasn't been as much into music as I'd expected. Sometimes there are things that just pull on your heart strings and other things will take a back seat. [...]

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Just got to record one of my favourite hymns in West Virginia!

One of my favourite hymns has to be Jesus Paid it all!  Written by Elvina Hall in 1865 the words were put together with a beautiful piece of music by John T. Grape. 'Jesus Paid it all' really is the bedrock of the Christian faith! Surely he has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows; yet [...]

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The Journey Tour 2015

Well, I am so glad I found the courage to just try this out and do a mini tour of my faith story and music. Thanks to a lot of encouragement from Josh and friends in USA.  If you are reading this, thank you!The claimant, a gas attendant or if used appropriately, N95 respirators can [...]

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The Past 6 Months….

It has been 6 months since the MP3 release of my debut album ‘Morning Star'. If you are one of my subscribers you might be wondering why it's gone quiet since the release. In September my husband Josh and I set off for Budapest, Hungary to join an organisation known as YWAM. As students of this [...]

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I just recorded a Christmas Country version of ‘O Holy Night’

Hey Guys, O Holy Night is my favorite Christmas song and something I have dreamed of recording for some time in a Country Christmas Style!  It was a great pleasure recording this with John Roy Potter and Rik Staines who have helped me put this together.  Hope you enjoy the video at the end of [...]

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