Why I wrote Psalm 139 into a song

Last week I shared with you the story behind the debut album title track ‘Morning Star’. At the moment I am featuring a song a week from the album, along with the meaning and stories behind them. I’m also looking forward to sharing with you some new songs that have been written for a second album which is due for recording this summer.
Since coming to faith, I have always enjoyed reading the Psalms in the Bible. The sheer honesty and rawness of the Psalms grip me, challenge me, encourage me and are something I can often relate to. They reveal such a depth of intimacy with God, from pouring out repentance and sorrow over sin to praying out very honest prayers over trials and tribulations, to even getting angry and just being very real with God to jumping for joy and being thankful in praise to God for who He is and all He has done!
Psalm 139 has to be one of my favourites! I can so relate to the wonder and surprising joy of the Psalmist as he marvels over who God is and His ever-present, all-knowing Fatherhood!

For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well (Verse 13)

Knowing God as the great master designer is also a beautiful thing! To meditate on the fact that He carefully and thoughtfully knitted me together in my Mother’s womb! He designed life to be a reflection of Him and it is a good and beautiful thing!
During my time at Bible college, we studied the character of God, as the creator, King, leader, provider, Father, Guide, Saviour, healer and many more attributes!  When it came to Him being All-present and All-knowing I just remember it blowing my mind! It could have shook my faith in that I couldn’t get my logic and head around something like that! But, one day I was sitting outside in the beautiful Italian gardens of the Bible college. As I looked at the ladybug in the grass something occurred to me. If I, who am millions of times bigger than that bug in the grass could see all of it and so much more in my view, then why is it hard to believe that God, who is the creator of everything can see all of me and and all the other details of His creation at once! He is so much bigger that me and my thoughts!

How precious to me are your thoughts, God! If I were to count them, they would outnumber the grains of sand

Some things are a mystery, and it is in faith that we believe! Like the wind… We don’t see it, but we see the affects of it! (John 20:19)
I went on to bear witness to little and big miracles in my own life and have been experiencing just how tangible and real God is! And so this Psalm is a great reminder to me of just how very big God is and yet how involved He is in the details too! As I have journeyed with Jesus, the blessings and transformations in my life are really all down to Him! He is always faithful. And so the words of this song are meant to express something of my deep thankfulness and joy to God!
I was very encouraged when my friend and band musician Grez Harvey began to play this in church worship times. It is one thing having a song, and another when it begins to encourage other people! I pray anyone who listens will catch the passion and meaning of this song!

You’re everywhere, I close my eyes and you’re still there, You’re my all! It’s You that I seek, I hear Your voice and it carries me. You’re my all!

Morning Star is the album title and the second song out of the 10. The album blends together country, pop and rock and is available on Itunes and Amazon. Or you can go to the website www.amyfaithmorley.com
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