After writing, recording and releasing my debut album ‘Morning Star’ I kind of left it laying in the dust for several months! I felt it was the timing of God that we were going to YWAM for 6 months.  It was quite a move as we left the rented house we were in and got rid of most of our belongings.  I trusted God once before with my music when I went to Swansea and I knew I just knew I could trust Him again!  I learnt so much in Budapest on the YWAM course and have gained life experiences, stories and miracles that have added to the adventure of my journey!  It also led me right back to musical opportunities I wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t took a leap of faith when Josh and I left what was familiar to us!  After YWAM Josh and I were invited out to West Virginia for a break.  It was quite a magical time, just being in all the nature, near the mountains, with beautiful people! Whilst there I got to share some of my dreams with people and I they helped me make this video! One lady let me film at her farm with her horses and another dressed up her sweet little girls and they enjoyed playing in this video… The horses chewed on my arm a lot and there were some funny, comical moments putting this together! We had a lot of fun and it was a dream come true really!

Field of dreams was written by Paul Harper one of my music college teachers.  I was really inspired when I first heard this song.  In my own interpretation, Field of dreams for me, captures the beauty of innocence and childhood dreams! Often, the joy and excitement we felt about small things as a child, we can easily overlook as adults. And yet it is the simple wonder of creation, people, animals, music etc, that Father God designed for His children to enjoy with grateful hearts when He made us!
What are you thankful for today? 

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