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Father’s House

I was lost, now I’m found By the maker of all things, He called me by name, He knows the real me, He knows the real me In my Father’s house, there is security In my Father’s eyes, there is grace And my Father’s words will always guide me And my Father’s house is the [...]

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Tear stained, bitter sweet, she stumbles in the dark Hit and run, hide and seek, she tried to find herself and her mind is like a jigsaw puzzle; all the pieces are so mixed up In a playground she is spinning around twirling around in a dream flying away, flying away, flying away Speak to [...]

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Morning Star

Morning Star, Rising up Bringing hope and bringing joy, Bright morning start, advocate, Shine your light for all to see, Morning star Lift my eyes to the hills, Where does my help come from? From this unfailing love, this guardian light Lift my eyes to the hills Let the morning bring me word of your [...]

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Everywhere (Psalm 139)

You have searched my heart and you know me, When I rise, when I fall If I go to the valley, you are there, Or rise on the wings of the dawn, you are there You’re everywhere, I close my eyes I can see you there, You’re my all; you’re my all, It’s you that [...]

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