A face across a crowded room,

Takes the emptiness away,

And now you hang on every word they say,

Togetherness was a long lost dream, and now you realise,

That two is one when you look into their eyes

Now the eagle flies against the tide,

And turns into a dove,

So tell me in your heart of hearts

Do you believe in love?

The Pictures on the TV screen,

Explodes the tragedy,

In black and white it’s a sad sad sight to see,

But amongst disturbing images, with the situation grave,

The world rejoices as the little girl was saved

Now the messages on the telephone comes with charity and hope

So tell me in your hardest hear, Do you believe in love?

There was a man who came to me

Dressed in poverty and peace

He took me from my material world

And gave me my release

Even though I was broken in so many different ways

He took the time to come to me and say

That for everyone a star will shine in the darkest sky above

So once again I ask you friend

Do you believe in love?

Copyright  2010 Music & Lyrics by Rik Staines