Well, I am so glad I found the courage to just try this out and do a mini tour of my faith story and music. Thanks to a lot of encouragement from Josh and friends in USA.  If you are reading this, thank you!

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Some of the places we went included Birmingham, Liverpool and Stourport, Swansea elderly homes and churches where I went to Bible college and met Josh.  We also went to the soup kitchen for the homeless in Blackpool which was just such a precious time singing to the guys there.   I did a full band Elim West Bromwich community church, the place I got baptised 12 years ago and have lots of great memories.  The final night I played with a full band at King’s church, wirral.  I have always wanted to share my story and songs combined together to encourage an uplift people! My story is one of dreams, pain, brokenness, healing faith and joy!  The tour was a great way of sharing and encouraging people in their own journey!


It’s also been great seeing people encouraged and participating in writing and receiving the journey postcards on this tour! If you were unable to get to a gig or service & would like one of these just drop an email to info@amyfaithmorley.com entitled ‘The Journey Postcard’ with your address and we will post one out to you for Christmas!


Thank you so much everyone who came and took part in the events and those who brought the debut album. Stay tuned for updates and don’t forget to check out my YouTube channel where you can find live songs from the tour and other songs I will share!



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