Tear stained, bitter sweet, she stumbles in the dark

Hit and run, hide and seek, she tried to find herself

and her mind is like a jigsaw puzzle; all the pieces are so mixed up

In a playground she is spinning around twirling around in a dream

flying away, flying away, flying away

Speak to her, she will smile, and tell you all is o.k.

but deep inside there’s a fire, fighting for release

and they tried to put out her fire

with their watering cans, watering cans,

so she flies away, to that place of freedom.

The professionals tried to groom her and the doctors tried to supress her

and the men that have abused her

are the ones who broke her mind

hold on to your sanity, hold on to your peace

hold on to your sanity, hold on to your dreams

Some say she’s unstable, that she needs some serious help,

but I’m telling you, I’m telling you

what she needs is simply… love

Copyright  2010 Lyrics/Music by Morley & Staines